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Six Egyptian Christians were kidnapped and released in Libya

They went to neigbouring country to find a workplace.

71 Christians kidnapped in Nigeria

Part of them were on their way to a wedding others to a funeral when they were kidnapped.

4,000 Christians killed and 2,300 kidnapped in Nigeria in one year

Probably many of those kidnapped have also been murdered.

Gunmen kidnapped several Christians after setting fire to a church in Cameroon

Archbishop Andrew Nkea said the kidnappers had given “no concrete reason” for the attack.

Haitian authorities identify gang behind the kidnapping of 17 missionaries

Local unions and other organisations were planning to launch a strike Monday to protest the country's worsening security situation

Abducted Christian killed during rescue mission

Nigerian Christians are regularly confronted with life-threatening violence from Fulani herdsmen.

32 Christian students released from captivity ni Nigeria

Authorities agree that over 80 children from Bethel Baptist High remain in captivity.

Kidnapped priest released in Mali

The other faithful kidnapped with him were released on the 23rd of June.

Five Christians kidnapped in Mali

Open Doors listed Mali as the 28th most dangerous country in the world to be a Christian in 2021.