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Gunmen kidnapped several Christians after setting fire to a church in Cameroon

Gunmen kidnapped five priests, a nun and two churchgoers after setting a Catholic church on fire in western Cameroon. The region has been the scene of a bloody conflict between anglophone separatists and the country’s government for several years.


Those who were abducted from St. Mary’s Church in the town of Nchang remained missing Tuesday, AFP quoted the bishops of the ecclesiastical province of Bamenda as saying as they expressed their “shock and utter horror.”

Cameroon’s security forces have been battling rebel groups that are seeking independence for the country’s northwestern and southwestern parts, also known as the Anglophone region, to create a new country, Ambazonia. French is spoken in other parts of the country.

About two-thirds of Cameroon’s population is Christian and Muslim constitute about 30%.


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