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Catholic priest kidnapped in Nigeria

The priest was taken from his rectory by a group of armed men.

Another Nigerian priest kidnapped

He was taken directly from his presbytery. There is no information about his condition or whereabouts.

Nigerian priest kidnapped

His whereabouts are unknown, and the kidnappers have not yet made contact.

Priest and religious held in captivity by gangs in Haiti

Six religious brothers and a priest were kidnapped on Friday in the Haitian capital.

Catholic priest kidnapped in Nigeria

Father Jude Kingsley Maduka of the Diocese Okigwe, Imo State, was kidnapped on May 19, while visiting a newly built chapel.

A kidnapped priest was released in Nigeria

Two other previously kidnapped priests were released recently, one of them by a self-defense militia.

Another priest has recently been kidnapped in Nigeria

Four abducted priests were killed in 2022 in Kaduna.

Priest kidnapped in Nigeria

He was kidnapped nearly two weeks ago.

Gunmen kidnapped several Christians after setting fire to a church in Cameroon

Archbishop Andrew Nkea said the kidnappers had given “no concrete reason” for the attack.

A kidnapped Catholic priest has been killed in Nigeria

Cheitnum served as priest at St. James Parish in Fori, Jema’a Local Government Area, according to the diocese.