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Another Nigerian priest kidnapped

Within days of a previous case of abduction yet another priest was kidnapped from his presbytery.

Another kidnapping of a priest has shocked the Nigerian Catholic community. Only days after the abduction of Father Basil Gbuzuo, another priest, Father Oliver Buba, was kidnapped. He serves in the Yola Diocese in Adamawa State. The Bishop of Yola revealed in a statement that Father Buba was kidnapped from St. Rita Parish directly from the presbytery’s dining room. The whereabouts, his condition, and the intent of the kidnappers are still unknown.

This case seems to be another example of the widespread kidnapping in Nigeria. Usually, these are kidnappings for ransom. The mass abduction of schoolchildren and students is also a common occurrence in these cases.

Source: Agenzia Fides

Photo: Catholic Diocese of Yola

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