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A man was arrested for making death threats against priests in Paris

According to a French news site, a staff member from the Saint-Sulpice church alerted the authorities about the suspect.

Two Catholic priests have been killed by terrorists in Nigeria

Last month, the Islamic State terror group released a video showing the execution of about 20 Christian civilians in Borno State.

Two Catholic priests in Myanmar taken by the Tatmadaw

Clergy have been regularly targeted by the junta for the last months.

Can abortion go from being a crime against humanity to a fundamental right?

Fr. Bortkiewicz referred to the words of left-wing MEP Sylwia Spurek, who stated that "abortion is a human right."

Filipino Diocese of Cabanatuan commemorates the death of murdered priest

Father Nilo is one of several priests who have been killed in in 2018 in the Philippines.

Catholic priest subject to death threats by LGBT supporters in the USA

Fr. Esshaki wrote that he would pray for all who offend, defame and threaten him.

Polish priest installed a non-contact holy water font in his church

Father Henryk Kowalski encourages people to adapt to this unusual situation and always trust in God.

Italian priest refuses to interrupt Holy Mass despite police intervention

The priest explained that the faithful participating in the Mass were the family of a person who died of a coronavirus infection.

Priest arrested in Kenya for spreading coronavirus

A Catholic priest is one of two people in Kenya to be charged with “negligently spreading an infectious disease”

Italian episcopate will ask the authorities to allow public worship

Deputy Secretary General of the Episcopate said that paralysis of church life can have catastrophic consequences for the society.