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Catholic priest in kidnapped in Nigeria

A Catholic priest from northwestern Nigeria was kidnapped from his rectory. A group of armed men broke into the rectory where he was serving and kidnapped the priest. 

In the early hours of June 9, Father Gabriel Ukeh, parish priest of St. Thomas Church, Zango Kataf Local Government Area, in Kaduna State, in northwestern Nigeria, was kidnapped. A group of armed men broke into his rectory and kidnapped the Catholic priest. Father Ukeh was taken hostage, and his condition and whereabouts are unknown.

Father Emmanuel Kazah Faweh, Vicar General of the Diocese of Kafanchan, condemned the kidnapping.

“While we fervently pray for the safe release of Father Ukeh as soon as possible, we condemn the incessant kidnappings for ransom of innocent and defenseless citizens of our parishes”

He also asked the faithful to be patient, not resort to violent actions, and trust the security forces to bring Father Ukeh home to safety and catch the kidnappers.

“While we are working with the security forces for the speedy release of Father Ukeh, we would like to urge everyone not to take justice into their own hands. We will use all legitimate means to ensure that Father Ukeh returns to us safe and sound.”

The grave situation of kidnappings in Nigeria is still an unresolved problem, causing suffering for many people. In many cases, the targets of kidnappings were clergymen or schoolchildren. Many instances of mass kidnapping of schoolchildren are known. People pleaded the government for help, but it was not able to put a halt to the kidnappings despite its efforts.

Source: Agenzia Fides

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