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South Africa added further clearance restrictions of faith-based organizations

The State Security Agency of South Africa recently proposed legislation that would require non-government (NGO) or faith-based organizations (FBO) to go through further scrutiny to work in the country.


Organizations must submit more information to the Department of Social Development on such things as their management structure, operations, and office holders. The Financial Intelligence Center and the minister of finance will decide what clearance paperwork and information is needed.

The recent legislation was proposed because of South Africa’s grey listing in 2019. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) found that South Africa did not address shortcomings on money laundering and the financing of terrorism and put the country on its grey list. To be removed from the grey list, South Africa must implement new mechanisms to prevent money laundering and terrorism and prove their efficacy.

Christians in South Africa enjoy religious freedom, but laws that hinder the involvement of FBOs are troubling.

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