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Studies show a revival of faith in the UK

45% of Gen Z respondents showed a willingness to change their religious beliefs, in contrast to just 22% of those over 65.

South Africa added further clearance restrictions of faith-based organizations

Christians in South Africa enjoy religious freedom, but laws that hinder the involvement of FBOs are troubling.

Most Americans now accept evolution theory

Over the last decadehe the percentage of American adults who beleieved in evolution increased from 40% to 54%.

Only one third of Americans identify as Christian, survey shows

The percentage of Americans possessing a biblical worldview also declines significantly.

The Archdiocese of Barcelona intends to close 160 parishes

The reason for these moves, included in the plan of the Archbishop of Barcelona is the loss of the faithful.

Rapper DMX dies from heart attack

DMX’s most recent music release was for a new Christian song released by evangelist Mike Servin.

Recent poll shows the positive impact of the pandemic on the faith of Americans

In the U.S., only four per cent say the pandemic weakened their faith.

New study reveals that young people crave spiritual mentoring

Over ninety per cent of those who have five or more adult mentors say their life has meaning and purpose.

Imprisoned Pastor’s son faces death threats in Vietnam because of his faith

Many Christians are put in jail under trumped up charges for several years; some have been imprisoned and tortured repeatedly.

More than half of US adults don't believe Jesus is God

Two thirds of evangelicals were found to agree with the statement, "Jesus is the first and greatest being created by God."