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Recent poll shows the positive impact of the pandemic on the faith of Americans

Christian Headlines reports that more than one-fourth of Americans say the COVID-19 pandemic strengthened their religious faith, and even more say they grew closer to their immediate family during the outbreak, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.


The poll found that twenty-eight per cent of Americans say their own religious faith “has become stronger” during the pandemic. In comparison, forty-one per cent say their relationship with their immediate family members has strengthened.

Taken together, the data means that for tens of millions of Americans, the pandemic had a positive impact on their lives. Both numbers are at or near the top when compared to the attitudes of people in other countries. 

America leads the world in the percentage of citizens who say the pandemic strengthened their faith. Spain (16 %) is second, followed by Italy (15 %) and Canada (13 %). Four countries (Australia, United Kingdom, France, South Korea) tied for fifth place at 10%.


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