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Death of another priest saddens the South African Catholic community

Another Cahtolic priest was found dead on April 27 in South Africa.

Zambian missionary murdered in South Africa

A Zambian priest, Father William Banda was shot dead on Wednesday, 13 March, in South Africa.

South Africa added further clearance restrictions of faith-based organizations

Christians in South Africa enjoy religious freedom, but laws that hinder the involvement of FBOs are troubling.

Baptisms turn dangerous in South Africa

Christians must find ways to adapt to impacts of climate change, experts say.

Attempted arson attack on Cape Town Cathedral

South African firemen were mobilised to put out a fire in the Saint George Cathedral where Desmond Tutu is buried.

Elon Musk says there is "great wisdom" in the teachings of Jesus-Christ

Musk, who was born in South Africa, also said he was baptized as a child and partook in communion.

Half of the churches in the Diocese of Aliwal were robbed during the shutdown

Half of the fifty-five churches in the diocese have been robbed.

Support for abortion is decreasing in Europe

As surprising as it may seem, the most significant rise in a pro-life position in Europe occurred in Germany and France.

South Africa: St Mary's Cathedral in Cape Town desecrated

St Mary's Cathedral was consecrated in 1851 and is the oldest in southern Africa. Locals call it "the mother of all cathedrals."

Belgian priest murdered in South Africa

Father Joseph Hollanders was found dead in his house in the village of Bodibe