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Plenary session in Strasbourg about the persecution in Nigeria

György Hölvényi

This week a plenary debate was held in the European Parliament in Strasbourg about the attacks carried out against Nigerian Christians.

“The raids, brutal murders, and attacks on churches committed against Christians cannot be interpreted otherwise. This is about the persecution of Christians!” – declared György Hölvényi MEP.

In his speech, the representative reminded that ideological fanaticism makes a part of European decision-makers completely insensitive to human suffering when it comes to Christians.  However, the consequence of this is that in the absence of protection from the West, Christians become even more vulnerable, as the persecutors find that Europe turns a blind eye to the cruelty. 

“It is regrettable that we have seen no substantial reaction from the Foreign Service.” the Christian Democrat politician noted.

According to data from the human rights organization Open Doors, last year in Nigeria, out of about five thousand victims of jihadists, more than four thousand were Christians – he highlighted. The Christmas attacks indicate: “The central government is unable to stem the violence! President Tinubu promised in December that the army would ensure Nigeria’s security. We are waiting for words to be followed by actions!” – he stated.

The representative added: “We, Europeans, cannot turn a blind eye to the violence against Christians. We must stand with the persecuted. This is a human rights issue. It is time for action to replace silence!” – concluded György Hölvényi his speech.

Source: MTI

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