Tag: Nigerian persecution

Plenary session in Strasbourg about the persecution in Nigeria

A plenary debate was held in the European Parliament in Strasbourg about the Nigerian persecution.

First Report of 2024: Terrorists Kill 14 Christians in Abuja, Nigeria

Members of an Islamic terrorist group on Friday killed a church pastor and 13 other Christians in northeast Nigeria, Abuja.

A week of mourning in Nigeria after Cristmas massacre

At least 200 Christians were killed by Fulani herders during Christmas time.

At least 160 Christian Massacred in Plateau State, Nigeria

More than 160 christian were killed in Nigeria by terrorists attacks.

Young Catholic monk kidnapped and murdered in Nigeria

A heartbroken monastic community searches for the body of a murdered young monk

Nigerian Christians in Kaduna Appeal to State Leaders

Despite appealing personally to state leaders, Christians of Kaduna State in Nigeria continue to face malicious terrorist attacks.

2,500 Nigerian martyrs were killed this year by Muslim extremists

Fulani militants and other allied jihadist groups slaughtered 2,500 Christians in Nigeria in the first six months of 2023.