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Church leaders call for EU politicians to consider Christian values

"Christian views aren't being considered in decisions anymore" say church leaders

Plenary session in Strasbourg about the persecution in Nigeria

A plenary debate was held in the European Parliament in Strasbourg about the Nigerian persecution.

A vulgar exhibition sexualising Jesus in the European Parliament causes outrage

The author, lesbian Swedish photographer Elisabeth Ohlson, argues the photographs depict Christ supporting homosexual rights.

The European Parliament urges Poland to withdraw ban on eugenic abortion

In an attempt to pursue an ideological agenda, the EP makes mutually exclusive demands in its report.

A Nativity scene to be set in the European Parliament for the first time in its history

However, it has only been “authorized as a special exhibition", which may or may not be renewed in the future.

The European Parliament adops a report criticising religion

This report supposedly on religious persecution is actually hostile towards religion itself.

Croatian MEP considers lack of access to abortion as "a form of violence"

Predrag Fred Matić describes the laws protecting life as a form of "human rights violations and gender-based violence".

EU Parliament calls on Pakistan to abolish blasphemy law

The move comes as cases of blasphemy have dramatically increased, disproportionately affecting religious minorities.

Iraqi Christian priest nominated for Sakharov Prize

This year, an Iraqi Christian priest was nominated for saving hundreds of manuscripts.

Hungary opposed to the Istanbul Convention: "We don't support gender ideology"

The declaration was adopted with 115 votes in favour, thirty-five against and three abstentions.