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Three missionaries killed in Haiti

A young missionary couple and a Haitian missionary were killed by armed gang members in Port-au-Prince.

The raging gang violence in Haiti has already claimed the lives of many religious. The latest victims of the mindless killing are three missionaries. The victims were a young missionary couple, David and Natalie Lloyd, ages 23 and 21. They were from the United States and worked on the mission David’s parents established in 2000. The third victim was Jude Montis, a man from Haiti who worked for the mission for twenty years.

Three of them were coming out of church when three trucks with gang members ambushed and robbed them. After the attack, they tried to take shelter in a nearby house connected to their mission. Soon after, more gang members arrived and started shooting into the house. All three of them were killed in the shooting.

They were one of the latest victims of the ongoing gang war in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. Most areas of the city are controlled by gangs. In Haiti, there are about 362,000 Haitians who are displaced, and in the first months of 2024, more than 1,500 people lost their lives due to the widespread violence.

Source: Barnabas Aid

Photo: Mission in Haiti Inc

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