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Six nuns kidnapped by armed gunmen

In Haiti, the capital, Port-au-Prince, has been struggling with violence on the streets for many days now. Amid the chaos, armed gunmen took over a vehicle and kidnapped everyone on board, including the driver and six nuns. They are now hostages, and their whereabouts is unknown.

Demonstrations against the lack of security in Haiti were organized in the entire country. Since last Sunday, armed gangs have used the chaotic situation and showed up, bringing terror to the streets.

Already, there are plenty of victims of the chaotic events. A gunfight between rival gangs left at least twenty people dead last Thursday.

The number of kidnapping cases is also on the rise. Only last week, two people were kidnapped but later released on a  ransom payment.

On January 19, another kidnapping case occurred. Armed gunmen took over a bus. Six nuns who belong to the Sisters of Sainte-Anne congregation were travelling on the bus. They and others, including the driver, were abducted. The attackers drove away to an unknown destination. The whereabouts of those abducted are still unknown.

Bishop Pierre-André Dumas, Bishop of Anse-à-Veau and Miragoâne, strongly condemned the kidnapping. He said,

“this latest odious and barbaric act that shows no respect for the dignity of these consecrated women who give themselves wholeheartedly and completely to God to educate and form the young, the poorest and the most vulnerable of our society.”

He called for the release of all hostages and to end the acts of violence and criminal practices. Bishop Dumas also declared his willingness to take the place of the hostages.

Source: Vatican News

Photo: Thomas Hackl, Flickr

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