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All six abducted nuns were released in Port-au-Prince

Armed gunmen took over the bus the nuns were traveling on and abducted all its passengers. They were held hostage for almost a week, but now all of them are free.

“We give thanks to God! Thank you for your support.”

Said Haitian Archbishop Max Leroy Mésidor of Port-au-Prince after the nuns and laypeople held hostage were released, thanking all who helped.

On January 19, in the Haitian capital, armed gunmen took over a bus with six nuns and two laypeople on board. Then, they drove off the vehicle, holding the nuns and others hostage.

The six sisters of the Congregation of Saint Anne and the two laypeople with them are released and safe.

Archbishop Mésidor expressed his joy and gratitude over the release of the hostages and the support given to this cause by the people.

Pope Francis appealed for the release of the nuns and prayed for peace and harmony in the country.

Source: Vatican News

Photo: Meg Hunter-Kilmer, Flickr

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