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Armed gangs stormed seminary in Haiti

In Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, gang violence is still ongoing. Armed gangs occupy and vandalize private and state property as well, keeping civilians in fear. Now an armed gang stormed and took over a religious seminary, one of the largest knowledge centers in the country. 

Armed gangs stormed the Petit Séminaire Collège St. Martial, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The seminary is one of the most important institutions of its kind. The majority of the priests in the diocese are trained here, and it holds immense religious knowledge.

Extreme gang violence sweeps the streets of the Haitian capital. Kidnapping and murder are frequent events as the different gangs try to prove that they are in control of the capital.

Armed gangs tried to occupy the National Palace but failed. After the failure, their target became the Petit Séminaire Collège Saint Martial. A Catholic institution run by the Fathers of the Holy Spirit, known as Spiritians. Gang members intruded on the seminary, vandalizing and setting cars ablaze. The degree of violence forced the Spiritians to flee and seek safety.

The Haitian Conference of Religious (CHR) expressed their support for the victims of violence. They also condemned the violent acts and called for peace in the country.

Source: Vatican News

Photo: UN Photo

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