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Burmese nuns forced to flee military junta in Myanmar

Last week, ICC reported that on March 10, the Burmese Army (Tatmadaw) bombed a building serving as the convent and hospital of the Sisters of Reparation. The attack severely damaged the convent’s roof, windows, and ceiling.


The convent, located in the village of Doungankha in the majority-Christian Kayah State, had been uninhabited for several months. However, before its inhabitants were forced to evacuate due to continued military attacks, the convent served as a retirement home and hospital for elderly nuns.

In June 2021, the convent was temporarily evacuated after a neighboring church, the Church of Our Lady of Peace, was bombed by the Tatmadaw. The sisters returned to Doungankha soon after.

However, the pandemic had grown exponentially throughout the summer, and several fell very ill. Unfortunately, the number of violent military attacks in the area had continued to grow. Five nuns sick with COVID-19 who were taken to the hospital by ambulance had to drive on back roads to avoid gunfire.

Following the death of five sisters from the coronavirus and the increased violence in the region of their convent, the remaining sisters have since had to flee their convent. Internally displaced, they are moving from convent to convent in Kayah state.


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