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Mass detention by Myanmar junta

Junta forces detained dozens of people, including three pastors.

Churches were bombed by Myanmar military junta

Another two churches were damaged by the bombing of the military junta.

Deadly Myanmar junta attack on hospital

Four people died and fifteen wounded in an military junta airstrike, rebel group says.

Baptist pastor was arrested just hours after his release

The Myanmar junta released the pastor among others but then arrested him again on the same day.

A priest was shot during his sermon in Myanmar

Gunmen entered the church during service and shot the priest, injuring him seriously.

Christian leader killed by hitmen in Myanmar

Three gunmen killed a religious leader in Kachin State, Myanmar. Sources say it was a targeted attack. 

Myanmar Army detained a pastor and 16 youths

The pastor and the youths were arrested during a raid on a shelter camp in Myanmar.

India seals its border with Myanmar, separating Christian tribes

"Do not divide us," tribal leaders asked the Indian government as India decided to seal the open border with Myanmar.

Airstrike on school kills four children in Myanmar

The airstrike killed four children and wounded fifteen more. The victims were between 12 and 14 years old.

The ongoing conflict in Myanmar greatly affects the Christian community

Research by the Centre for Information Resilience shows how big of an impact the conflict has on the Christian community.