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Christian woman killed by Hindu extremist relatives

The young woman and her immediate family converted to Christianity years ago, and since then, other Hindu family members have been harassing them. The Hindu extremist family members attacked the Christian members of the family in the field and brutally murdered their young relative.

Bindu Sodhi, a young Christian woman, was murdered by her family members in Toylanka, Dantewada district, Chhattisgarh, India. The 22-year-old woman and her immediate family converted to Christianity four years ago. Their conversion incurred the wrath of other family members. The Hindu extremist members of their extended family have been harassing them since their conversion.

Even though the Christian family filed several reports against the threats and harassment of their relatives at the local police, no action was taken in their defence. At first, some relatives even tried to stop Sodhi’s family from ploughing their fields, and then, at the end of June, several Hindu extremist members of her family attacked them.

Amid the chaos of the attack, most of the people working on the field managed to escape, but not Sodhi. The attackers tackled her, and she was brutally murdered with a hammer. Now, the anti-Christian family members who are responsible for her death are preventing her burial.

It is not uncommon in India for Hindu extremists to prevent the burial of a person of another religion. Christian families are often confronted and prevented from burying their dead unless they convert to Hinduism, despite the court decision that grants everyone the right to a decent burial.

Source: Asia News

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