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Abolition of Easter holidays upsets Indian Christians

Easter holidays are going to be working days in the conflict-torn Manipur state.

The Christmas letter of Archbishop of Impal

The letter adresses all the Christians in Manipur. "We are all one in humanity".

Manipur state releases bodies of riot victims.

The majority of the released 64 bodies belong to the Christian Kuki tribe.

Six people killed and sixteen wounded by gun and mortar fire in Manipur

As violence continues in Manipur, Prime Minister Modi faces no-confidence motion

Violence and assault in Manipur: Christians persecuted in India

A disturbing video from Manipur went viral, depicting the assault of two women from the Christian Kuki tribe.

Christian presumed dead emerges from the morgue and forgives attackers

A Christian man believed to be killed in Manipur regained consciousness in the hospital morgue

Persecuted Christian Hebem flees Manipur violence

Persecuted Christian Hebem flees Manipur violence.