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Christian presumed dead emerges from the morgue and forgives attackers

Thangboi Singsit, a 25 year-old tribal Christian had been beaten to the point of presumed death by Meitei Hindu attackers in in Kangpokpi district in the northeast of India.

Thangboi shared his statement of survival during a prayer and fasting meeting arranged by the Tribal Churches Leaders’ Fellowship earlier this week, at the Kangpokpi Christian Church. He said that after “coming back to life” he “felt like taking revenge” against his attackers, but then he “was convinced to forgive them and leave the rest in God’s hands”.

He believes the attack had been planned while he was working at a Service Centre at Nambol Town near the state capital, Imphal.

Convenor of the Fellowship, Pastor Mang said “At around 9pm, he and two Kuki boys at the service centre went to have their dinner. It was at that point, some Meiteis came and took them away… and attacked them”. The assailants beat them with iron bars until believed to be dead. Fortunately, Thangboi was only unconscious. 

According to Pastor Mang “The police took him along with the other dead bodies to the morgue at the main hospital in Imphal. But before sending his body to the morgue, the doctor in charge found a faint pulse in Thangboi’s pulse hand. He kept him in the intensive care unit, and he came back to life/consciousness after three days”.

Attacks driven by ethnic differences commenced on 3rd May in Manipur, with radicalised Meitei Hindu groups, attacking Meitei Christians and tribal Kuki-Zo Christian villages in the hills. An estimated 100 people have been killed and as many as 500 Meitei and Kuki churches, seminaries and Christian schools burned down. According to local Christians it has been a premeditated and orchestrated campaign of violence.

Pastor Mang confirmed that Christians in the state have organised state-wide prayer meetings on the 3rd of every month until the violence, which he calls “the genocide” stops.



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