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Priest attacked inside church premises in India

Father Joseph Attuchalil was injured and is still in the hospital after he objected to a group of young people riding bikes inside parish premises during Friday services. The police have already arrested some attackers and are looking for more.

A group of around 55 young people attacked Father Joseph Attuchalil on February 23 during the Lenten Friday prayer service. The youngsters were riding bikes inside the parish premises and were disturbing the worship going on in the church. Father Attuchalil tried to lock the gate to keep the young men out; that is when they attacked the priest.

Father Joseph Attuchalil is an assistant parish priest of St. Mary’s Forane Church in the Palai diocese in Kerala state, India. Cardinal Basileios Cleemis, head of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council, said that the incident

“stunned the entire society in Kerala and shattered the state’s peaceful atmosphere.”

The local police force has already taken action. They arrested 27 people and are looking for others. The attackers are charged with offences such as criminal trespass and attempted murder.

Source: UCAnews

Photo: Palai Diocese

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