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Results of the Indian elections give hope to Christians

The ruling BJP might have won the elections, but its support has declined so dramatically that the party won't be able to gain an absolute majority without a coalition. Indian Christians are hopeful that this will ease the persecution of religious and ethnic minorities.

As the world’s biggest election ended in India and the results came out, Christians in the country are looking out for a bit of a brighter future. The election was held over six weeks and in seven phases, with almost 970 million people eligible to vote. The results are out, and the ruling party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has one, and Narendra Modi will stay in office for a third term after his victories in 2014 and 2019.

Even though the BJP won, its popularity dropped significantly, and it was not able to get the necessary number of seats to govern alone. The BJP secured 240 seats, 63 fewer than in the previous elections, and needs a coalition partner. It gives hope to Christians as well as other religious and ethnic minorities.

Spokesperson for the All India Catholic Union, John Dayal, stated that in the case of a landslide majority victory for the BJP would have given further power to Modi for promoting Hindu nationalism and stripping religious and ethnic minority groups of more of their rights. Up to this point, the hostile rhetoric against religious and ethnic minorities the BJP used fueled numerous hate crimes against these vulnerable groups.

Many Christians in India welcome the results and see them as a positive sign for the future. C. B. Samuel, an official of the Evangelical Union of India (EFI), said that,

“The result is like breathing fresh air after a long time of suffocation.”

He and many officials from different Christian organizations are hopeful and believe that this setback of the BJP will result in a different policy, one that might be more favorable towards minorities.

Surce: Christianity Today

Photo: Anuwar Hazarika

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