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A church-run school was told to remove Christian symbols

Hindu nationalists told a church-run school to remove Christian symbols. They also want priests, nuns and brothers to stop wearing their religious garb.

In Assam state, India, a Christian school received threats from Hindu nationalists to take down religious symbols and have priests and nuns stop wearing cassocks and habits. The extremist group gave an ultimatum to the school and threatened them that if they do not comply, they have to face dire consequences.

They accused the school of promoting Christianity and converting the children with the display of Christian symbols. The group also wants churches located within the premises of schools to be removed.

In remote parts of the north-east part of India, Churches have been greatly involved in education for a long time. However, church schools and Christian communities are in a difficult situation. Local Hindu extremists are constantly depicting Christians as destroyers of Hindu culture.

This portrayal of Christians misled many people and resulted in more and more threats towards Christian schools, missions, and communities.

Source: UCAnews 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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