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A church-run school was told to remove Christian symbols in India

A Hindu nationalist group in India told the school to remove Christian symbols or face the dire consequences.

A Christian hybrid school was closed by German authorities

The government has also fined the school 600 euros in administrative fees.

Catholic students and teachers receive death threats in France

The catholic school group Jean Paul II has around 500 pupils in Forez.

Beijing shuts down Christian school

The school was forced to abandon its facilities and suffers great loss.

Historic church to be destroyed and replaced by campus for students in France

The Church of St. Joseph is a symbol of Lille's religious heritage.

Transitional government in Sudan omits Christianity as school subject

Since Sudan’s independence in 1956, no Christian teachers were appointed by the government to teach Christianity in public schools

Spanish Socialist government withholds aid for Catholic schools

"This is an ideological decision and clear discrimination," complains Bishop Gil Tamayo of Avila.

Spanish Catholic schools demand respect for freedom of education

Catholic schools account for around fifteen per cent of the entire education system in Spain.

Nigerian nun died saving students at boarding school after gas explosion

She died at Bethlehem Girls High School in Lagos on Sunday while helping students escape a burning building.