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Catholics in Hong Kong fear that religious freedom is under threat

Following the passage of new security laws last month, Hong Kong's Catholic community fears for religious freedom

Virginia man charged with attempted church shooting

A 35-year-old man has been charged with attempting to shoot up a Virginia church after posting threatening messages

Christians could be branded "extremists" by the UK government

Christians are at risk of being branded "extremists" under the government's new definition of extremism published this week

The church has been reopened, but fears of further attacks remain

The church is being rebuilt, but many Christians fear another attack in Laos.

A church-run school was told to remove Christian symbols in India

A Hindu nationalist group in India told the school to remove Christian symbols or face the dire consequences.

Al-Shabaab peace offer threatens Christian minority

Al-Shabab offers peace deal to the US government, but the cost would be the eradication of Somalia's entire Christian minority

A student threatened to burn down a church because of the sound of the bells

The young woman made allusions to the Notre-Dame fire.

Pastor and family threatened and attacked by radical nationalists in India

During the attack, Pastor Fulmali and his family did not come out of their home.