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A student threatened to burn down a church because of the sound of the bells

The Montpellier criminal court condemned a student not to enter the church of Saint-François d'Assise, place Carnot, after she broke into the middle of mass on October 2, threatening the priest, and the assistance.


In particular, she threatened to burn the church, alluding to Notre-Dame de Paris, in reaction to the sound of the bells that she cannot stand. This is the third intrusion in a few days.

“For this 24-year-old student living in Montpellier, not being able to sleep and being woken up, or at least disturbed, by the bells every morning was apparently an insurmountable ordeal.

Exceeded by the regular sound of the bells of a church in the city center of the Hérault prefecture, she had complained twice to the parish, to make them stop. Without success”.


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