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Islamic graffiti smeared on dozens of graves in a French cemetery

On the night of March 11, a series of vandalism incidents occurred at the cemetery in the village of Clermont-d'Excideuil (France).


Islamic-themed inscriptions were discovered on graves, the war memorial, the church door, a calvary memorial, and a fountain, totalling over 50 defaced graves. Tags bearing phrases like “France is already Allah’s,” “Isa will break the cross,” and “Submit to Islam” were among those found.

Additionally, on two tombstones, the letters ‘GWER’ were spray-painted, a term referring to a white person, Westerner, or non-Muslim. Another grave was marked with the term ‘Kouffar,’ which denotes disbelievers. Notably, this desecration took place on the eve of Ramadan.

Authorities from the Périgueux prosecutor’s office have launched an investigation into these incidents under the charge of “aggravated degradation.”

This vandalism is not an isolated event in the Excideuil sector, situated in the northeast area of Dordogne. Similar occurrences, with graffiti bearing Islamic references, have been reported in Cherveix-Cubas and Saint-Pantaly-d’Excideuil since late December.



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