Tag: Church fire

Minors set altar on fire in Austria

The estimated property damage exceeds 21,000 USD.

Fire at Easter Mass in Brooklyn

Five people were injured as a consequence of a fire that broke out during the Easter Mass at Brooklyn Catholic church.

Arson suspected behind church fire in Pakistan

A Muslim man threatened Christian congregation that they would not celebrate Easter

A church set on fire in France was probably deliberate

The church Église Sainte-Agathe-et-Saint-Julien has been permanently closed.

Yet another German church targeted by probable arsonists

Investigators point out that the church was probably set on fire voluntarily.

A church was set on fire in an Italian town

The incident was reported to the police by the oratory's director.

A church was set on fire in a German town

The police are investigating the case.

A church was set on fire in Pakistan

Thousands of Christians live alongside Muslims near the church building in Makkah Colony

Church elder sets worship building on fire in Pakistan

A shocking turn of events took place in the city of Lahore, where the treasurer set the church on fire

A church was set ablase in Italy

The police are investigating.