Tag: Arson

Arson attack reported at a British church

The church, which was closed for worship since 2019 and added to the Local Heritage List last year, caught fire in the early hours

A fire broke out in an Italian church

This incident is part of a troubling pattern; the church has recently experienced serious acts of vandalism and theft.

Arson and vandalism reported in a French church

The Sainte-Thérèse church had to be temporarily closed to the public, and a religious funeral ceremony had to be relocated.

German church targeted with arson and vandalism

Despite the destruction, the police report noted that the damage was limited.

The arsonist of a US pro-life office was sentenced to seven years in jail

Despite the severity of the sentence, some pro-life activists feel it falls short of appropriate justice.

Minors set altar on fire in Austria

The estimated property damage exceeds 21,000 USD.

A church set on fire in France was probably deliberate

The church Église Sainte-Agathe-et-Saint-Julien has been permanently closed.

Yet another German church targeted by probable arsonists

Investigators point out that the church was probably set on fire voluntarily.

A man set a church on fire in France

Parishioners quickly brought the fire under control.