Tag: Arson

A church was set ablaze in Ireland

The police are investigating the incident as a deliberate arson attack.

A man threatened to blow up a church in Italy

The police arrived and were able to detain the man and imprison him

A church was set on fire in Pakistan

Thousands of Christians live alongside Muslims near the church building in Makkah Colony

A church was set ablase in Italy

The police are investigating.

A pastor's car was set on fire in Italy

Police have been investigating the case using camera footage.

A Spanish church was targeted by a criminal arsonist

The criminals fled, but thanks to the images from the church's security cameras, the police were able to identify them.

Danville Police arrest man for confessional school arson

The culprit is in the Danville City Jail.

A church was set on fire in Oakland

An investigation continues into this fire, which spread from a car to a building on Scott Lake Road.

A German church was set on fire causing considerable damage

The Police have estimated the costs of the damages at around 5,000 euros.

A 17th century church was set on fire and vandalised in Germany

Two firefighter squats were to stop the fire, they were alarmed as people noticed smoke coming out of the church.