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A Catholic church in Minsk was set on fire

On the night of September 25-26 at 4 am in the church of St. Szymon and Helena in Minsk, one of the most famous Catholic churches in Belarus, a fire broke out, which fortunately was quickly extinguished. Most likely unknown perpetrators broke a hole in one of the stained glass windows and threw in a so-called "Molotov cocktail".


An electronic alarm alerted the priests about the fire. The fire, which affected approximately 20 m2, was extinguished by firefighters. The Belarusian services also arrived at the scene and ordered the closure of the church for the faithful while the case was investigated.

Even priests were forbidden to enter the temple. Video recordings from surveillance cameras in the church were also confiscated. Apparently, the Belarusian authorities want to silence the matter.

Without carrying out any analyzes, they already state that it was not a flammable liquid bottle, but a short circuit in the installation that caused the fire. However, the local Poles who were on the spot in front of the services took pictures of the broken stained glass window through which incendiary material was thrown.


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