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Arson attack reported at Polish church presbytery in France

On October 12, a very likely arson fire ravaged the presbytery of the Polish church in Raismes, north of Valenciennes. The building, which counts in the local memory – the mines employed a large Polish workforce from the beginning of the 20th century – was badly damaged. The wooden building was listed by UNESCO.


According to the mayor, “this is one more step towards the unacceptable“. Indeed, more than a hundred arson attacks have been recorded in the Sabatier district since last March.

Contacted by telephone by France 3, “the mayor wishes to emphasize that he does not consider this new act more important than the loss of a garden following the flames, “but we have passed a course in the unbearable and the indignation , because it is the heritage of the minors who was attacked“, deplores Aymeric Robin, who does not mince his words: “It is an insult to the memory of our elders”.


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