Tag: Church attack

A Nigerian priest was brutally murdered

Hungarian State Secretary expressed his sympathy towards the local Christian community.

At least 10 killed in DR Congo church bomb attack

The church was targeted during a Sunday service.

Pastors were wounded in separate attacks in Uganda

Police said investigations were under way.

Tabernacle desecrated, consecrated hosts stolen from a church in Costa Rica

According to the parist priest the “community will recover because the items can be restored.”

Arson attack reported at Polish church presbytery in France

A group of 4 to 5 teenagers allegedly perpetrated the attack

Gunmen attacked a Nigerian church during mass

They killed two people: a woman and her young daughter.

At teast three churches were raided in China and several leaders arrested

According to ICC, the Chinese government “is fearful of many things; one thing being people with religious beliefs.”

Five suspects arrested for massacre in Nigerian church

The announcement came last week, two months after the attack took place.

Police might be involved in arson attack in India

The church was burnt down in the early hours of the 5th of February.

Attempted arson attack on Cape Town Cathedral

South African firemen were mobilised to put out a fire in the Saint George Cathedral where Desmond Tutu is buried.