Tag: Church attack

Evangelical church attacked by armed men in Nigeria

At least one devotee has been killed, several others have been kidnapped.

Two churches attacked in Nigerian Kogi State

Being a Christian in Nigeria remains a life-threatening danger.

Thirteen churches attacked since mid-June in Vancouver

Out of all these cases, only two have been resolved.

Arson attacks on forty-five churches since the 21st of June in Canada

The arson attacks on churches are part of an organised anti-Christian attack.

The sacristan of the Notre Dame Basilica of Nice was threatened by a burglar

While escaping, the burglar threatened to return and kill everyone.

Vandals damaged a church in Hungary

A Christian church was vandalised in southern Hungary, in the village of Lothard.

Burmese military attacked another Church in Eastern Myanmar

During the evening of the 26th of May, another church in Kayah state was attacked by the Burmese military.

Myanmar military attacked a churtch, four people died

This event is another in a string of attacks on Christians and churches that have occurred since the military coup.

A statue of Jesus stolen from a French church

The statue was carved in the seventeenth century and was classified as a historical monument in the twentieth century.