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French private TV channel got interested in the phenomenon of “Christianophobia”

Nice Notre Dame

C news is interested in Christianophobia in France, while since the 1st of January at least 8 churches have been attacked in France, including four which were desecrated.


In reality it is nine churches in twelve days, since the tabernacle of the church of Iracoubo in Guyana was stolen on January 12, with the ciborium – so this is again a desecration, the fifth in twelve days in France, and the second in 7 months for this same Guyanese church.

“Since January 1, at least eight desecrations of churches have been recorded in France. A significant figure, as the year began just thirteen days ago, which points to the existence of anti-Christian acts across the country. Little denounced, is Christianophobia visible in official statistics?

Decapitated statues, offensive inscriptions, broken stained-glass windows, ecclesiastics and believers threatened or attacked… Attacks against the Christians of France and their symbols are numerous each year.

In 2021, out of 1,380 anti-religious acts recorded by the Ministry of the Interior, 686 concerned this community. That is almost half of them (49.7%). By way of comparison, anti-Semitic acts were recorded in the number of 523 (37.9%) and anti-Muslims 171 (12.4%).


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