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Many injured in church attack in Pakistan

According to Asia News, a Pentecostal church near Lahore, Pakistan was attacked last Sunday by several unidentified assailants wielding military-style weapons. The attack left several Christians injured, but fortunately, no one was killed.


A group of unidentified Muslims reported open fire on The New Hope Church of Pakistan, located in Sheracote, near Lahore. The attack took place at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 5.

“I was cleaning a room when suddenly I heard shots coming from the street,” Rukhsana Bibi, a survivor of the attack, told Asia News. “I fainted for a while.”

“The attackers had military-style weapons and fired directly at the houses,” Simon Aleem, a Christian journalist, told Asia News. “They wounded several people, including the New Hope Church pastor, Pastor Asif Nawab Masih.”

According to other survivors, the Christians of New Hope Church had been the victims of intense harassment in the days leading up to the attack.


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