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Myanmar military occupies a baptist church


The military in Myanmar devastated a Baptist church after attacking the village of Tlang Rua in the diocese of Hakha, in the Burmese state of Chin, in the northwestern area of Myanmar, and encamped inside the church.

 As Fides learned, they also burned 12 houses in the attack on the village, which took place on October 19. When the locals heard the arrival of the army in the area, more than 1,200 inhabitants of the area fled to the forest where they are now hiding, enduring heavy rain and cold.

Baptist Pastor Rev. Thawng condemns “the blind violence of these acts against civilians, justified by raids against the rebels” and, noting that such acts against churches are being repeated frequently, says that “the military of Myanmar have become thieves and terrorists”. “No one was killed, but this is an act to be strongly condemned, it is a cowardly, fanatic and anti-religious behaviour of the military”, said Catholic priest Fr. Francis Suan, a resident living nearby.

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