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Kachin Bible school shelled by Burmese Army

The Tatmadaw also attacked concertgoers during the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO)’s anniversary celebration 

Criticism of Buddhism to be punished by law in Myanmar

Burmese citizens accuse Buddhist priests of encouraging the military to carry out unjust punishment against civilians.

At least 35 civilians burned alive by Burmese army on Christmas Eve

At least 651 houses, six churches one clinic in Kayah state were destroyed between May and December 2020.

Another church attacked by Burmese army in Chin State

Since September, more than 300 houses, including four churches, have been burned to the ground in the now deserted town.

Myanmar military occupies a baptist church

The violence occurred a few days after the fire of an entire village, including a Baptist church in the village of Rialto.