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Yet another German church targeted by probable arsonists

Investigators point out that the church was probably set on fire voluntarily.

A man set a church on fire in France

Parishioners quickly brought the fire under control.

A church was set on fire in an Italian town

The incident was reported to the police by the oratory's director.

A church was set ablaze in Ireland

The police are investigating the incident as a deliberate arson attack.

A man threatened to blow up a church in Italy

The police arrived and were able to detain the man and imprison him

A pastor's car was set on fire in Italy

Police have been investigating the case using camera footage.

A church was set on fire in England

According to the police, security measures will be needed to prevent this kind of anti-social behaviour.

Wooden crosses are burned outside church in California

Crosses were set on fire outside Sylmar church in a possible hate crime

A church was set on fire during a Christmas Mass in Finland

There were about 30 faithful praying inside.

Arson attack reported at Polish church presbytery in France

A group of 4 to 5 teenagers allegedly perpetrated the attack