Tag: Arson

Catholic school in Ohio damaged in suspected arson

The Thursday fired caused a damage of 1 million dollar.

Christian homes and stores have been set on fire in Nigeria

Attacks committed against so-called blasphemy have plagued Nigeria in the past month

A German church has been vandalised and set on fire

The perpetrators damaged knee cushions and hymnals.

French church targeted by arson and theft

The consecrated hosts were not burned but the police also noticed thefts of a computer and some money.

A German church has been desecrated and set on fire

The police are looking for witnesses.

An Italian church has been set ablaze once again

It is not the first time that this church is facing acts of vandalism.

An arson has been reported in the choir of a French church

As for the circumstances, there is little room for doubt – the fire is arson. Candles were placed on the first pews and all around

Huge fire caused by arson at Glasgow church

The damage to the vestibule could have been much worse, according to witnesses.

A seminary had to be closed due to repeated attacks by Islamists in Burkina Faso

There were no casualties, as the students were able to escape in time.