Tag: Arson

Teenager arrested over church fire

The young alleged arsonist is imprisoned in a juvenile penitentiary.

Drunken man set a church on fire in Belgium

The culprit, who already had a criminal record, will be brought before the criminal court as part of an accelerated procedure.

The highest chapel in Russia has been restored after arson

 The chapel should be blessed in September.

German Catholic priest finds remains of an arson in his church

Church fires are becoming dangerously common across Western Europe

Arson at a Protestant temple in Northern France

The firefighters managed to contain the flames.

Swedish police confirmed that arson of village church was deliberate

This is not the first church burned down in the local area.

Another arson reported in French church

The incident occurred on the 25th of July.

Repeated arson attacks against French church

The church is under surveillance and the police are investigating.