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The church has been reopened, but fears of further attacks remain

In Laos, a Christian church was vandalized earlier this year. Now it is being rebuilt, but many Christians fear another attack.

On February 4, a Buddhist mob vandalized a Christian church in Kaleum Vangke village, southern Laos. The attackers stormed the church during Sunday prayer, destroying the church and burning Bibles.

Now, the house church is being rebuilt under the protection of the Ministry of Security. The Christian villagers are happy that their church is being rebuilt, but they fear another attack.

Despite the warnings from the district-level authorities not to harass the Christian community, they still receive threats from other villagers not to continue their worship.

Local Christians are still in danger of another attack, but they are willing to take the risk for their faith and said that they are not afraid to gather and worship at that house anymore.

Buddhists in Laos view Christianity as an alien faith, and in many cases, they are hostile towards Christian believers. Even though Christians are targets of threats and violence, government policies protecting minority religions are not implemented on a wide scale.

This case is no exception, either. An official says that no steps have been taken to punish or re-educate the attackers yet.

Source: UCAnews

Photo: Open Doors

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