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Mob in Laos destroyed a church and burned Bibles

In the rural part of Laos, Buddhist villagers destroyed a church and burned Bibles during a Sunday gathering.

A Christian family has been attacked and driven away from a village in Laos

Government authorities in Laos are investigating the situation.

Pastor jailed in Laos for over one year released

In rural areas, house churches are forced to meet in secret since they are considered “illegal gatherings.”

Detained Lao Christian pastor released after a year

A Lao pastor who was arrested by the authorities after he refused to cease worship early last year was finally released.

Killer of Lao Christian Man Still At Large

On the night of Dec. 13, 2020, an unknown gunman shot the ethnic Hmong Christian Cha Xiong.

Fears grow for missing Christian in Laos

Farmer Sithong Theppavong was seized by authorities last March after starting a small church on his property.

Evicted Lao Christians return home but are banned from rebuilding their homes

Many local authorities at lower level in Laos still do not respect religious freedom for Christians.

Four Christian families were expelled from their home town in Laos

This year, four Christian families had to leave different towns in Laos because they converted to Christianity.

Jailed for holding a Christian funeral in communist Laos

Four Christian men held without charge for violating the Buddhist country's traditional customs