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Mob in Laos destroyed a church and burned Bibles

In the southern part of Laos, Christian villagers reported that locals stormed their Sunday gathering, burnt Bibles and destroyed the house church.

In the rural part of a southern province in Laos, in Kaleum Vangke village, local officials led a mob and stormed the house church of local Christians during a Sunday gathering. The attackers burned Bibles and destroyed the church. According to the reports, no one got hurt during the attack.

The house church was a place of worship for the several Christian families living in the Buddhist-majority village. A local source said that

“The authorities, including the village chief, village security guards, and senior members of the village attacked us suddenly and destroyed our place of worship.”

Despite the law passed in 2019 that permits citizens to practice their faith freely, these attacks are not a rare sight in Laos.

According to eyewitnesses, the village official summoned local Christians and asked them to stop practicing their faith, otherwise, they were going to tear down the church.

Source: UCAnews

Photo: Jason Verwey

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