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Churches were bombed by Myanmar military junta

A Baptist and a Catholic church were hit by the airstrike of the Myanmar military junta air force. The bombing happened in Christian majority Chin state where the junta is trying to retake control. 

The military junta in Myanmar is trying to regain control of territories after significant rebel successes. During one of their latest airstrikes two churches were bombed. The attack happened on the 11th and 12th of May in the Christian majority Chin state.

The air force of the junta bombed Lungtak Tonzang Township to push back the rebels in the area. During the air strike five houses, a Baptist church, and a Catholic church were destroyed. The locals had to flee for their lives. Titus En Za Khan, the parish priest of the bombed Catholic church, managed to escape with the local Catholics to the woods. One of the locals said to Fides,

“The violence continues to impact the civilian population, especially in the area of Sagaing, part of the diocese of Kalay.”

There is an ever-growing humanitarian crisis in Chin state as the fights are becoming more intense. Local civilians are not safe from bombings either. In numerous instances, the military junta deliberately targeted Christian churches and religious organisations in predominantly Christian states.

Source: UCAnews

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