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Two churches bombed by the Myanmar junta

The airstrike was carried out on a village in Khampat Township, in Tamu district. The village is under the controll of the People's Defence Force, a resistant group which opposes the military junta.

A village in the northwestern part of Myanmar was hit by an airstrike carried out by the military junta. According to local media reports, the bombing occurred on the morning of January 7th.

The first strike targeted two churches. The people gathered there were fleeing for their lives when the second airstrike hit the people rushing out of the churches. The second bombing caused the greatest damage and killed the most people. An eyewitness said,

“Most of them were killed outside the church area as they were running to escape.”

Many women and children were among the victims. The escape from the bombing was made more difficult because of the panic that ensued and the crowd that gathered after the first airstrike.

The village, located in Khampat Township, Tamu district, is under the control of the People’s Defense Forces, a resistance group opposing the military junta.

Local media says that fifteen people were killed, among them many children. Twenty more people were wounded in the airstrike and the death toll may rise higher, considering some of the casualties are still in a critical condition.

Source: The Straits Times

Photo: AFP

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