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Catholic priest arrested in India

The priest working among slum children is accused of violating child rights.

Christian pastor arrested for praying at home on New Year's Eve

Police in Uttar Pradesh arrested two Christians for praying at home

The Christmas letter of Archbishop of Impal

The letter adresses all the Christians in Manipur. "We are all one in humanity".

Meeting of Christian leaders in India against sectarian violence

The National United Christian Forum met in New Delhi to discuss the matter.

Three people arrested after lynching a Catholic man in India

The 35 years old victim was beaten to death for alleged molestation

Manipur state releases bodies of riot victims.

The majority of the released 64 bodies belong to the Christian Kuki tribe.

Sonbhadra court: talking about religion is not a crime

Court releases six Christians who were charged with converting the poor by fraudulent means.

Attacks on Christians: an everyday event in India

At least two cases per day this year, says the UCF Christian group

Hundreds of Christians arrested in India

According to Release International, the state-fuelled persecution against Christians has peaked in India

Three Christians detained on anti-conversion charges in Uttar Pradesh, India

Three Christian men in Pradesh state were imprisoned last week on false charges of forcibly converting Hindus to Christianity.