Tag: Church attack

France: arson attack in the Church of Meximieux

The local priest invited the faithful to pray for the people responsible for this criminal act.

France: Manche basilica subjected to acts of vandalism

It is not the first time that this parish located in northwestern France has faced degradation.

An Evangelical church looted in Central Germany

The damage is estimated at more than € 10,000.

Burglars smash stained glass window at Leicester Cathedral

There was fortunately no other damage aside from the window that has been broken.

France: more cameras in churches to diminish anti-Christian vandalism in Lyon

The monitoring system could be helpful to identify the robbers and vandals who would not be deterred by the presence of cameras.

Over half of U.S. Churches use armed security teams after recent shootings

Also, a few churches employ metal detectors at the entrance to check for weapons.

Police foiled church bomb plot in southern Philippines

The suspected confessed that they were instructed to carry out the bombing last mont.

Mob sets fire to Catholic church serving Chilean police

The masked mob blocked the firemen's passage and they were unable to put out the fire in a timely manner.

Philippines: Terrorist violence on Christmas eve with attack in front of Cathedr

A second bomb attack occurred a short distance away, injuring a passer-by.